Then and now: See how much north Dallas has changed in nearly 60 years

It’s no surprise how much Dallas has grown over the years, especially along North Central Expressway corridor toward Collin County.

Still, it’s kind of remarkable to actually see it. Which you can do, thanks to a Redditor who dug up the gem below.

It’s an aerial shot of U.S. 75 – or North Central Expressway – at Walnut Hill Lane, looking south in 1959.

r/Dallas irishamerican 2d ago

Another Redditor linked in the comments to the present-day view, courtesy of Google Maps.

As you can see, there wasn’t much of anything out that far at the time.

No high-rise office buildings. No sprawling apartment complexes. Not even NorthPark Center, which would open a couple miles down the road in 1965.

U.S. 75 at Walnut Hill today (Google Maps)

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